Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Our next batch of International Coaches arrive soon! 9.30am Squad SUPER IMPORTANT - please read!

Dear Swimmers

*6.15pm Thursday swimmers, please note there will be no session on Thursday 2nd March owing to an evening carnival at the pool - thanks!*

As is often the case, during the months of February and March, school carnivals are often run at the pool which can clash with our 9.30am sessions. This year is no different and we have 8 clash dates as follows this season - please put them in your diary!

Given earlier sessions at the pool (and the need to rush from the pool to the beach for myself / coaches), these sessions will run from 10-11am:

  1. Friday 3rd February (Sorrento Beach trial)
  2. Wednesday 1st March
  3. Friday 3rd March
  4. Wednesday 8th March
  5. Friday 17th March
  6. Monday 20th March
  7. Wednesday 22nd March
  8. Friday 31st March

N.B your app will always indicate if it's an open water session, so no excuses please for wrongly turning up at the pool (it happens!):

For these dates we shall be running these sessions instead in the open water. These are always super enjoyable and challenging sessions! Typically these have been run at Cottesloe Beach, but given the fantastic new shark net up at Sorrento Beach which can give a much more "peaceful mind" and a 1.2km circuit (if needed), we will run the first of these sessions on Friday 3rd February up there. Yes, it's a little more of a trek for some of you possibly, but let's see how we go. I've been using the net myself once or twice a week and it's a great resource and something I'd like us to get behind.

We'll make a judgement call after the first session as to whether to return to Cottesloe or stay at Sorrento.

For this first date, we shall also have the following international coaches with me to assist, so you could get up to 1-2-1 coaching advice on that first session (well worth your while!). These coaches will be arriving between 25th and 28th January and will have a 2 week stint with us here starting officially on Monday 30th January - it's going to be a great couple of weeks to really benefit from their assistance:

  1. Linda Bostic, Florida, USA
  2. Jana Schoeman, South Africa
  3. John Chipponeri, California, USA
  4. Kristina Schultz, Alberta, Canada
  5. Peter Russo, Boston, USA
  6. Roy Wu, Taiwan
  7. Mike Jotautas, Kentucky, USA
  8. Mary Jessy, Calgary, Canada
  9. Laura Ansell, London, UK
  10. Shangrilla Rendon, Los Angeles, USA
  11. Adam, Essex, UK
  12. Emma, The Lake District, UK
Have a great hump day!


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