Thursday, January 12, 2017

A fond farewell to Coach Cyndy!

Dear Swimmers

This is the blog I've been dreading putting out as sadly coach Cyndy will soon be leaving us to return home to the USA in early February.

Cyndy has been an integral part of the Swim Smooth Perth coaching team for several years now, one of our most dedicated swimmers and has also become a dear friend to myself and my family, in fact we were lucky enough to spend Christmas Day this year with herself and her husband Brent. My kids totally dote on Cyndy so it's going to be a very sad day when she leaves and I know that those of you whom have been lucky to have had her coach you will be very sad to see her go too.

Cyndy is having a group of her closer squad buddies meet up on Saturday 24th January and will also be available to say goodbye to and wish her luck at the following sessions:

Option 1: she will be poolside at the early morning sessions on the 24th and 27th January to say goodbye

Option 2: If you are a Tuesday night swimmer* she will be coaching her last session on the 24th January

Option 3: If you are a 9:30AM swimmer, her last swim will be Friday 5k, 3rd February

*whilst I hate to discuss "replacements" at this time, for the Tuesday sessions of the 31st January and 7th February, if you swim in the Tuesday PM session, you will have myself and our 12 international Swim Smooth coaches with you for these dates (including Adam and Emma) as they will be here from Monday 30th January to Saturday 11th February inclusive. Following this myself and Coach Ross will transition to ensure the smooth running and continuation of the legacy Cyndy took on from coach Sandy and built further herself.

I have been blown away with Cyndy's passion, commitment and integrity in everything she does and whilst you might have "only" experienced her coaching on pool deck, Cyndy does many, many things behind the scenes for Swim Smooth and thankfully will continue to do so when she's in the USA as we build that side of the coaching business. In fact, Cyndy is primarily responsible for populating over 400 training sessions within our - no easy fete when you see the detail and accuracy she puts into that work with fine panache…

…yes you could say I'm going to be totally and utterly gutted to see her go, but then that would be a huge understatement.

Cyndy, thank you for your friendship, your professionalism and your unwavering reliability and support - we couldn't have done it without you.



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