Monday, September 12, 2016

Swicheroo this Saturday for the FREE CSS Test and Foam Roller Session!

Dear Swimmers

Firstly, a hearty congratulations to squad swimmer Claire McLean who finished 9th in the Paratriathlon in Rio late last night in the PT4 category! I haven't had the gossip from Claire on the race yet but will let you know as soon as I do!

The Saturday Switcheroo!

Please note that the Foam Roller and CSS Test Session at Claremont Pool this Saturday between 1 and 3pm have been switched around owing to an unforeseen clash with a newly added water-polo match at the pool. The new format is:

  • 1-2pm CSS Test
  • 2-3pm Foam Roller

…hopefully this doesn't mess you around too much and will give you a nice relaxing session to look forward to after your efforts in the CSS session!

It's still not too late to register through the app for the CSS Test (21 people currently registered) and remember this is a FREE session too, so a great chance to come and see where you're at. Adding this in as an additional session outside of normal squad hours is in order to allow you to continue to make gains from the CSS and Red Mist endurance sessions without a break in the consistency of these sessions. Even though a CSS Test seems "hard", really it's *just* 600m of hard work versus 1.5-2.0km of hard work in a CSS session and up to 5km of hard work in a Red Mist session. 

With the newly added RM Cycles from about 12 months ago, it's been possible for me to progress these sessions without the standard CSS Test as frequently and if you've checked out our app, you'll see that once you've done an initial CSS Test, through our innovative CSS Tweaker feature (see, it is technically possible to never need to do a CSS Test ever again by constant tweaking after each session. Of course I do that tweaking for you within the squad context, but if you're going to be doing some training by yourself for a Rottnest Solo swim etc, then this feature proves to be invaluable to ensure you're always moving forwards - it's very cool! 

Rottnest Solo Program - starting 10th October:

On that note, we will be going live within the Guru with a totally complete Rottnest Channel Solo Swim program that will start on Monday 10th October, i.e. 20 weeks out from the race (or 24 if you're doing the Port-to-Pub). This will detail in full (for the first time ever) a complete 100+ session guide to getting you over to Thomson's Bay in the best shape possible, all for just $19.99/mo. In the past we've always detailed a template of what would be recommended for this event (see: but this year will allow you to follow each session all of the way through, even if you never swim with the squad; of course, that takes an extra bit of motivation to do that, but for our country WA, interstate and international followers, this will be the perfect thing for you. So for now, keep "training to train" before we "train to race" come 10/10/16!



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