Monday, September 5, 2016

Stellar Results at the World 70.3 Championships, Mooloolaba, QLD

Dear Swimmers

I hate jumping the gun by delivering these results for the risk of not having captured everyone's results (if I've missed you or someone else you know please let me know), so the plan is to post out a "finalised" version of these "preliminary" results on Friday's blog, but needless to say I am a very proud coach in announcing the following results at the World 70.3 (Half Ironman) Championships:

  • GOLD Emily Loughnan, 1st in Age Group and 4h40m with a 26:44 swim time or 1:25/100m
  • GOLD Janine Willis, 1st in Age Group and 4h48m with a 27:59 swim time or 1:28/100m
  • SILVER Carrie Anderson, 2nd in Age Group and 5h00m with a 33:11 swim time or 1:45/100m
  • BRONZE Janet Ferguson, 3rd in Age Group and 5h14m with a 32:53 swim time or 1:44/100m
  • BRONZE Graham Crocker, 3rd in Age Group and 5h35m with a 29:52 swim time or 1:34/100m
  • Lisa Luckin, 10th in Age Group and 4h57m with a 31:26 swim time or 1:39/100m
  • Renee Baker, 30th PRO and 4h59m with a 27:39 swim time or 1:28/100m
  • Guy Crawford, 18th PRO and 3h54m with a 22:54 swim time or 1:13/100m (wowsers!)
  • Brad Kaye, 42nd in Age Group and 4h35m with a 33:55 swim time or 1:47/100m
  • Sean Jermy, 66th in Age Group and 4h47m with a 28:54 swim time or 1:31/100m
  • Sean Webb, 134th in Age Group and 4h54m with a 28:56 swim time or 1:31/100m

Well done crew, some really great performances there (yet again!)



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