Saturday, August 23, 2014

Looking for 3 more home stays if possible...can you help?

Dear Swimmers

It's rapidly approaching that time of year again when we invite a small collection of esteemed coaches over to Perth for our 2 week coach certification program. These three coaches have been hand selected from the 195 coaches worldwide whom have now sat our initial 3-day Coach Education Course and we're very excited to invite Lance (USA), Sinead (Ireland) and Gavin (UK) over to Perth for the course starting on Monday 22nd September until Sunday 5th October.

The coaches will mostly be arriving on Saturday 20th September and leaving on Monday 6th October and we're hoping to find them each a home-stay during this period if at all possible. Last year worked out great with coaches Morgan, Stacee, Cath and Dominic and allowed them a real opportunity to gel with their 'families' and also get a nice taste of the Perth environs.

I'd be really appreciative if anyone were able to help out this time around as well. If you could let me know by return email, that'd be great. The coaches wouldn't necessarily be expecting a free home stay, but obviously with costs of travel over to Perth, we're hoping to cut the cost of hotel accommodation for example significantly. I'm pretty sure they'd be open to 'contra' arrangements on video analysis session(s) or assistance with your own swimming :-)

Cheers and thanks for the consideration.


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