Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rottnest Channel Swim Q & A Sunday 23rd September at 4pm

PLEASE NOTE: we will be making the official start time of the Tuesday and Friday 5.30am and 6.30am sessions 5 minutes later to account for coming through the gate at 5.30am and the slightly delayed start this causes the 5.30am group. This change is effective immediately. We always make the effort to be finished with the 5.30am group ASAP, but to avoid any confusion / chaos, please be aware of this official change to the program.

Dear Swimmers

For those of you contemplating the Rottnest Channel Swim on February 23rd 2013 either as a Team, Duo or Solo swimmer, we are proposing to run a special information afternoon from 4pm to 5.30pm at the Claremont Pool on Sunday 23rd September, precisely 5 months out from the swim.

The session will involve us detailing our own proposed training and racing schedule in the lead-up to the event and to help answer questions for those of you very new to the event about how to get kickstarted.

Our own program will commence on Monday 1st October and will run for 21 weeks up to the date of the event. The primary focus of the session will be to detail the hows and whys of getting the most out of your training time and to stave off potential injuries.

I am putting out a special request to those on the Rottnest Committee (or Rottnest Solo veterans) who might like to offer an abbreviated version of the rules / regulations of the event - please get in touch if you feel you can offer some insight here.

Depending upon numbers and level of interest, this session will be held in the Club Rooms at the Claremont Pool. Please RSVP if you hope to attend what will be sure to fire you up for a successful crossing.

The session will be free of charge and I would gladly welcome any suggestions for other larger venues that we could possibly use in the event of great demand to attend.



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