Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's here! Our 2013 Rottnest Channel Swim Program!

Our 2013 Rottnest Channel Swim Program
Dear Swimmers,

Well this have been a monumental amount of work over the last few weeks culminating with a 3.30am finish this morning, but hopefully it's all worth it!

IMPORTANT: Firstly, sincere apologies but due to a clash with the room booking at Claremont Pool this Sunday for our planned 4pm Q & A session we have been left room-less! Knowing this and that many of you said you would be away this Sunday and in anticipation of some further poor weather, we will now postpone this session until Tuesday 25th September immediately following (or during if you plan to swim it) the 6.15-7.15pm session at Claremont Pool which I shall be in attendance for as Sandy will be away. 

I've ensured that the program you are about to read should answer 99.9% of all your questions about the program, and whatever it doesn't I am suggesting that you either email me through directly or pop along on Tuesday evening.

I do sincerely apologise for the late notice of this postponement - please pass on this message where possible - but hopefully the program more than makes up for it! ;-)

You can now download our 2013 Rottnest Channel Swim Program at the following link: warned, it is 49mb in size so may take a few minutes to download!

Please take a good read through of the material for anyone doing (or thinking about doing) the event in a little over 5 months time. By all means circulate to friends, family, work colleagues etc - I simply ask that if you are planning on doing the event and seek to follow the program that you quickly email me to let me know if you're doing a Solo, Duo or Team and then I shall watch out for you!

A few notable points:

  • most of the early morning squads are already close to capacity and as such, if you're not already swimming in some of the sessions which feature in this program, please email me on to be kept informed if / when spaces become available. I can't guarantee to be able to get you in but will keep you posted.
  • we do have 5 places available in our Monday 7am technique session, Tuesday 6.30pm session (note this will go back to 6.30pm for the summer season from 2nd October onwards) and also our Saturday 1pm session for the first 5 people to raise their hands for interest in these. 
  • given that the squads have been so busy, it may not be possible for those of you who sometimes do a double 5.30am to 7.30am session on a Tuesday and Friday to do this this season, however, three solutions: 1) swim in the 6.30am session and then continue on to 8.30am when the pool is much quieter (I'll still be on pool deck with a 1-2-1 which is good); 2) do the double at 6.30pm on a Tuesday evening, i.e. two separate sessions in a day - if you've never tried this it's actually very effective; 3) swim with me on a couple of the sessions listed in the Program to boost your volume at quieter times.
  • if you don't already have a copy of our new book and are planning to do quite a bit of swimming by yourself, I'd highly encourage you to order a copy as there are literally over 5,000 possible training session ideas in there that you'll be able to use to compliment the longer, more specific sessions that feature in this program.
  • we start on Monday 1st October and run for 21 weeks to Saturday 23rd February 2013 (race day).
  • Sandy will be away for the next six weeks on the Tuesday evening sessions, in his place will be uber-fish and experienced coach Anna-lee Hazell, sister to Francene.
Cheers everyone, it's 4am and I'm now going to hit the sack for a well earned sleep!


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