Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Couple of quick ones...

Hi everyone

Just a three reminders:

1. Tonight I shall be at the pool from 615-715pm to answer any queries about the Rottnest Program as shown here: http://swimsmoothperth.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/its-here-our-2013-rottnest-channel-swim.html?m=1

Please make sure you've had a good read through and come loaded with any questions. 

Katrina Mercer will be coaching the session, so given that the pool closes at 730pm we have set it up so that Katrina can coach whilst I answer any queries during the session and for up to 15 mins after. 

You might also wish to have your 400/200 time trial done tonight if you cannot make Wednesday / Friday this week. 

2. Monday 7am and 930am sessions will still be on despite the public holiday. Francene will be taking those as I'll be away with the family down in Bridgetown. Brad Hoskings will take Saturday at 1pm also. 

3. Let me know if you plan to swim Solo to Rottnest this year. 

Cheers - stay dry!


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