Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Notes about session structure whilst Paul is away...

Dear Swimmers

Well, it's only 6 days now until I head off to the UK for the Olympics (I qualified for the shot putt...) and to run several of our 3-day Swim Smooth Coach Education Courses. I will be away from 25th July to 25th August and am taking Mish and the kids with me as well and will hopefully get chance to jump on Wayne's boat as he attempts the English Channel Swim on ~20th August - I can't wait!

I have been busily preparing all the sessions for the coaches whilst I will be away to ensure a smooth running in my absence but with the benefit of a bit of fresh 'blood' on the pool deck which I'm hoping you will all enjoy!


Remember, you can order a new card at up until July 31st, whereupon the new pricing structure will come into place from 1st August onwards. This will make a 10 session card (3mth expiry) go from $120 to $130, a 25 session card (4mth expiry) from $270 to $285, and a 50 session card (5mth expiry) from $480 to $500. Any cards bought now will have their expiry starting from 1/8/12 onwards. If you think you will need a new card whilst I am away, please can I encourage you to either purchase directly from me at any of the squads this Friday, Saturday or next Monday or Tuesday before I leave, or of course via the online payment system.

Please can I expressly request that you remember your cards for each of the sessions whilst I am away as it is very difficult to monitor I.O.Us for the coaches working different shifts - many thanks!


In order to allow the sessions to run as smoothly as possible, I have briefed the coaches with the following chart to ensure that each sub-group / lane within each squad is swimming at the right pace when it comes to using the Tempo Trainers to control pacing. This looks like this for your reference:

Pace per lane / per squad as an approximate guide based on current performance levels at 17/7/12 and for the nature of the specific session:

Day / TimeLane 1Lane 2Lane 3Lane 3.5 or 4Lane 4.5
Monday 7am2:16 (34.0")1:54 (28.5")1:36 (24.0")N/AN/A
Monday 9.30am2:06 (31.5")1:50 (27.5")1:42 (26.0")1:34 (23.5")N/A
Tuesday 5.30am2:02 (30.5")1:44 (26.0")1:35 (23.75")1:32 (23.0")1:24 (21.0")
Tuesday 6.30am2:06 (31.5")1:50 (27.5")1:38 (24.5")1:32 (23.0")N/A
Tuesday 6.15pmSandy to adviseSandy to advise
Sandy to advise
Wednesday 5.30am1:54 (28.5") or 59-61s cycle OR 
1:59 (29.75") or 63-65s cycle
1:42 (26.0") or 53-55s cycle1:33 (23.25") or 49-52s cycle1:30 (22.50") or 48-51s cycle1:22 (20.5") or 43-46s cycle
Wednesday 9.30am2:00 (30.0")1:44 (26.0")1:36 (24.0")1:28 (22.0") OR 1:22 (20.5")N/A
Friday 5.30am1:56 (29.0")1:38 (24.5")1:29 (22.25")1:26 (21.5")1:18 (19.5")
Friday 6.30am2:00 (30.0")1:44 (26.0")1:32 (23.0")1:26 (21.5")N/A
Friday 9.30am2:06 (31.5")1:50 (27.5")1:42 (26.0")1:34 (23.5")N/A
Saturday 1.00pm1:53 (28.25") OR 1:42 (25.5")1:33 (23.25")1:26 (21.5")1:23 (22.25")1:15 (18.75")

Please ensure that you swim in your speed appropriate lane and in your usual speed orders to assist with the flow of the session...the only tricky session for this is the Wednesday 5.30am session with Francene / Brad given the relatively small spread of ability between the lanes as this session seems to be frequented by mostly the stronger swimmers from within the squad. Don't forget, if you're feeling good, don't be shy - offer to lead the lane or move forwards a couple of spaces - it all helps!

Unlike March when I was last away, we won't be operating a 0.5% improvement per week, but instead will utilise this 5 week period to consolidate fitness and challenge you with progressively harder main sets in the Wednesday 9.30am and Friday 5.30am & 6.30am sessions - I know you will enjoy this!


For your reference, here are the coaching allocations in my absence:


Assuming Wayne gets away on time for his English Channel Swim, I'll be back on pool deck on Monday 27th August. We will be announcing the plans for our 2013 Rottnest Channel Swim Program in early September, which will be a 21 week program commencing Monday 1st October. We hope that 2013 will be bigger and better than ever for the squad participating in the Rottnest Swim, and I'd highly encourage you to start thinking about whether you might like to do a Team, Duo or even a Solo this coming year. The strength of training for this event as a group or like-minded swimmers cannot be understated, so if you've been sat on the sidelines for a while now contemplating getting involved, maybe this year is your year! I'll be joining you too for my 3rd Solo...

Right, well, I'll see you over the next few days down at the squad so if you have any questions or queries before I leave please let me know. Equally, please do not be afraid to drop me a line whilst I am away to let me know how things are going for you and equally I'll keep you posted with what I'm up to and hopefully share some cracking photos of the 2012 Olympics - wahoo!



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