Thursday, July 12, 2012

Friday Early Morning Squads and Thursday Reading List

Dear Swimmers

Wow! A bit of a fresh morning this morning but what a fantastic bit of winter sunshine right now - lovely and crisp!

I've compiled 3 recent articles for your reading pleasure that I've written over the last couple of months for the - namely:

  1. What can we learn from the olympians
  2. How to get the most out of your squad coach
  3. How best to train for a 10km open water event

...they can all be accessed from the same 5.2mb file here:

...I highly recommend a subscription to the magazine if you're into your open water swimming - it's a great read!

The first article was inspired by the fact that I'm going to be lucky enough to take myself, Mish and the kids across to England for 4 weeks from the 25th July to 25th August to watch the Olympics (we have tickets for the finals of the athletics on 4th August thanks to Caroline and Gary Claydon!!) and we'll also be attending the men's and women's triathlon events and both 10km marathon swimming events. In fact, the chief organiser of the 10km marathon swimming event (Colin Hill) who founded the Great Swim series in the UK and is a bit of guru in his own right, will be attending one of the three 3-day Swim Smooth Coach Education Courses that we're running around the Olympic events during that period. We're really stoked to have Colin onboard as well as 35 other international coaches from as far afield as the USA, Israel, South Africa and even Australia! Exciting times. 

Whilst over there we'll also be running a huge open water event the evening before the men's triathlon at Heron Lake (a local hot-spot for triathletes in London) together with HUUB wetsuits and also doing an official book launch too! The book has been selling incredibly well and within 2 weeks has already gone to it's 2nd print run and sold out with Amazon. I still have about six copies left here in Perth if anyone wants one - catch me at a squad session with $30.

In my absence during August, we will be allocating some great coaching in the form of Sally Scaffidi, Sandy Burt, Francene Leaversuch & Brad Hosking who will expertly deliver all the sessions whilst I am away without hiccup. I know that you'll find the change of "voice" on pool deck (albeit with my sessions) a welcome change for this period. More details to follow next week.

Finally, on the topic of squad sessions - last Friday was a bit unprecedented in that the 5.30am session seemed unusually quiet with just 17 people swimming, but then low-and-behold 43 people showed up for the 6.30am session (bigger than our biggest summer session!) - I'm still not quite sure what happened there?! I did see a few of the 5.30am regulars in the 6.30am session, so maybe all those late nights watching the fantastic Tour de France are catching up with people?! Please can I request that you do stick to your normal session tomorrow morning to allow me to suss out the situation and see what needs to be done. I am totally indebted to all of you for maintaining good attendance over what is ordinarily a quiet period for the squad, but I just need to ensure a smooth delivery with the right allocations per lane, especially whilst I am away. I am also extremely grateful for all the referrals to your friends and colleagues about the squad, but please can I request that they email me first prior to coming down just to effectively manage the dynamics of the squad? Your help and support (as ever) is very much appreciated here.



P.S You still have 19 days to go until the squad prices marginally increase - order your card at 2009 prices at or see me on the pool deck before I leave...all new cards bought will have their expiry dates commencing from 1/8/12, not from today - hope that helps! :-) 

P.P.S I'm off to the circus now...seriously!

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