Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's cold out there, but Wayne's gonna make it!

Dear Swimmers

Just a quick plea for help if anyone can?

This Sunday (as part of our regular weekend swim in the river, building Wayne up for his impending attempt on the English Channel on 20/8/12), we hope to swim ~14-16km in the river between Mosman Park Boat Ramp and following the shore around past Claremont Jetty towards JoJos in Nedlands before looping back to the start. These swims were essential for us last year.

Wayne has only 5 or 6 weekends left before he leaves and only 3 before I head over to the UK in August and as such we're hoping to really nail these longer swims with the view of a safe and successful passage over to France.

Each swim requires a paddler and (if possible) a small powered boat to assist with feeding etc. We've had the awesome help of Amanda and Bae and several others from within the squad, but don't want to keep leaning on these guys too much as it is cold out there on these mornings and when it's wet and rough, not particularly inspiring (I'm not really selling it to you, am I?).

If you paddle and even have a little powered boat and could help us in this quest for even just one of the next six Sunday mornings (starting at 6.30am and finishing by 10am to 1pm), please let me know and we'll build up a roster.

Your support will be hugely beneficial and really appreciated. The advantage of doing these as long swims rather than multiple laps is that it really helps develop a sense of experiencing what the Channel will really feel like for Wayne.

Please let me know, starting with this Sunday, likely to be 6.30am to 10.30am.

Thanks and by all means please pass this on to anyone else you think might be keen to assist.



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