Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thursday 6pm Sundowner!

Dear Team

I hope you've all had a great weekend. It's been a busy two weeks on the pool deck with the eight visiting coaches, who are all returning home tomorrow. We really hope that you enjoyed having them all here and would love to hear any feedback that you may have about the experience. 

These eight coaches will now go through an additional 50 hours recording of sessions with their own squads and individual clients over the next six months as well as some further specific coaching tasks before hopefully becoming officially certified Swim Smooth coaches. Given the incredible demand we have in Europe for what we do right now, hopefully this should really help supply this and aid these coaches with the growth of their respective programs. We really feel we have eight excellent candidates here and hope that you share our enthusiasm for this.

So, today marks the start of our 20 week Rottnest Channel Swim training program. If you're starting to prepare for this event, remember, 20 weeks is still a long time, so the tip for this week is do not go at this like a bull in a china shop but to think of this as a long, steady build-up. Don't forget you can check out our suggested development at:

...many people often get carried away at this stage and panic thinking that they must lay down some really long, hard sessions right away, though this approach is often met with early "burn-out", staleness and even injury. Take the next 2-3 weeks to gradually prepare your body for the demands ahead and use the adage "train to train, before training to race!"

To get you suitably pumped for the season ahead and to also celebrate the "Magnificent Seven" who battled the English Channel last month, you are invited to a 6pm Sundowner with Pizza this Thursday in Floreat, kindly hosted by Chris and Justine Murphy of lane 4 5.30am swimming fame. Full details here:

Please, please, please RSVP to if you intend on coming. It's $10 per person (for some fantastic woodfired pizza) and BYO drinks. Hope you can join us! It'll be a lot of fun and your chance to ask the Channel swimmers about their experiences and pick up some valuable tips.

See you then!


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