Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's a girl!

Dear Swimmers

I'm very proud to be able to announce the birth of our new daughter "Isla Rose" today, Wednesday 19th October at 8.46am, weighing in at 7lbs9oz.

Michelle and Isla (pronounced "i-la") are both doing great and I'm the proudest and happiest Dad on the planet right now!

Isla's full name is Isla Rose Jacqueline Newsome. The "Rose" is after my grandmother and best friend who sadly past away in 2003 just after I first moved over to Perth - she would have been so proud of little Isla Rose; and "Jacqueline" is after Michelle's mother (of the same name) who is currently with us over from Canada and looking after Jackson and myself very nicely indeed (bang goes the diet!).

A quick thanks to Francene for covering my sessions for me this morning. I managed to get the 5.30am guys set off, but had to be away early on to get Mish to the hospital by 6.30am. So please don't blame Francene for the nasty little set this morning!

Despite getting several job offers to be a male nurse at the Osborne Park hospital (see photo below), I will see you all back on the pool deck on Friday morning, 5.30am sharp! ;-)

See you then!



  1. very happy for you both, well done. When are you going to get her in the pool for a session?

  2. Congrats Paul and Michelle !!! Very happy for you both. Now enough rest and go hit the pool !!!
    Gina Icaza (from Canada)

  3. Paul,

    Wonderful news!!Many congrats to you and Michelle.

    From here on in, the future's bright, the future's PINK!


  4. Congrstulations. Overglider or perfect?

  5. Congratulations,

    This makes one perfect happy family.

    All the best

    Rob & Christiane

  6. thanks very much for the new news make me feel happy and wish you all the best congratuletion ffrom cabo san lucas mexico.

  7. Congratulations, Paul and Michelle! So pleased for you both.

  8. Congratulations Paul! Thanks for sharing your lives with us and your amazing knowledge of swimming. May you guys continue to be blessed.


  9. Congratz Mom & Dad!

    All the Best!
    Uncle Jibber

  10. Congratulations Paul!

    I am very happy for you both!;) and thanks for your amazing knowledge of swimming!

    All the best!
    alexander from vienna/austria

  11. Congrats paul....I look forward to visit you and attend a session too.

    Albertz from Spore


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