Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This weekend...

Dear Swimmers

Please be advised that we have the following swim training options available this weekend:

  • Saturday 7am - open water swim session down to North Cott and Back (1.6km). The solo swimmers are using this as a loosener before the Rotto Rehearsal on Sunday, but the more the merrier. It's a short one but for those of you who have been seeking a bit of open water practice, why not pop your wetsuit on and come and try to draft off these faster guys and girls? Will be good fun. Coffee at Daisies afterwards - yum!
  • Saturday 1pm - squad swim session at Claremont Pool. We had an awesome session last week (my favourite session in quite some time it has to be said - I love cracking my proverbial whip at this session!) so please try and come along this week. It's not as hard as you might think but will teach you some really useful openwater skills such as sighting, drafting and turning.
  • Sunday 8am - Rottnest Rehearsal Swim (10km) up at Sorrento Beach, though there are also 2.5km and 5.0km events too - enter here: http://www.openwaterswimming.com.au/

Hope to see some of you this weekend or in the morning at Scarborough Beach! (P.S Sessions as normal this Friday).



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