Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Old wives tale?

Dear Swimmers

Hope you're all having a fantastic week. I'm trying to keep cool on the pool deck, but this humidity is killing my soft pommie skin! ;-)

Anyway, this weekend we have the Annual Swim Thru Perth on Sunday. Full details are here: http://www.claremontmasters.org/swim-thru-perth/2011/entry-details.html There is a 1.6km swim and a 4km swim from Barrack Street to Matilda Bay. For those keen on trying this event, on Saturday we will have a very specific squad swim session at 1pm in the pool at Claremont Pool working on developing your drafting and sighting capabilities because if you're going to swim off course, this be the event to do it! Come down even if you aren't racing.

Quick old wives tale then for those of you who are concerned about swimming in the "dirty" Swan River. Many of the UK triathlon events that I've raced in in the past have been held in rivers and lakes and if you think the Swan is dirty, try swimming in the Albert Docks in Liverpool! Anyway, many of these events are sponsored by either Coca Cola or Pepsi. I've grown up with the theory that if you drink a can of coke immediately after swimming in these waters that the acidity and chemicals of the coke are enough to kill any bacteria that you might have ingested. Old wives tale? Maybe, but I'll certainly be using this method again this weekend - there'll no doubt be a big smelly egg on my face if I get sick next week! ;-)

Lastly, does anyone need a 4th swimmer for the Rottnest Swim as part of a Team. I have someone very keen and eager who wants to swim if you need an emergency replacement. Let me know my returning this email.

Thanks and hope to see you on Saturday at 1pm if you can make it!


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