Thursday, January 13, 2011

A really good article for those of you swimming to Rottnest this year...

Hi Everyone,

Hope you've had a good week and are looking forward to a great weekend. This Saturday there is the 2km and 5km swim events down at Scarborough Beach. You can enter that here:

Here's a really great article about coping with endurance training and racing from a physical and mental perspective which I though those of you doing the Rottnest Swim this year might really enjoy. It's written by my former lecturer and physiologist in the UK, Dr. Greg Whyte, who coached the Little Britain comedian David Walliams to cross the English Channel for charity a few years ago. Greg very kindly came and spoke to our group of prospective English Channel swimmers last March whilst over in Perth for a quick lecture series at UWA. He's a fountain of knowledge and his "IF-THEN" mental strategies as described in the article are simply brilliant.

P.S Training will be on on Saturday at 1pm at the Claremont Pool on Davies Road - really hope to see some more of you down there!


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