Thursday, October 1, 2009

Training this Weekend

Dear Swimmers

Hope you are all well - is summer here yet? Who knows?!

Here's a quick breakdown of what's on offer this weekend for training:

Friday (pm) - 4.30pm swim. I should be there with a session on the board (just depends how many show bags little Jackson wants me to carry back from the Royal Show!) - if not, please follow the session and have a good one!

Saturday (am) - 6.30am cycle ride leaving from the Bell Tower. We also have the 8.00am swim from Cottesloe Beach this week as well. This will be a long continuous swim of between 1600 and 3000m. Both sessions are free to attend. I'm feeling quite amped for a bit of triathlon training myself at the moment, so my suggestion for those keen is for us to meet at 6.30am for a ride, ride 1.5hrs around the river and back up past Cottesloe, hop in for a swim with the group and then ride home via a muffin at Daisies - sound like a fun plan? Obviously if you plan to do this you'll need a small bag for your swim gear (wetsuit, googles, cap etc), a lock for your bike and maybe a change of cycle kit as well. Try to travel light. It'll be a fun change!

Saturday (pm) - 1.00pm squad swim session. Back on at 1.00pm. That's 1.00pm. 1.00pm. Everyone know that its 1.00pm? Good, that'll be 1.00pm then! Sorry for the confusion with these subtle changes to a few of the Saturday swims due to the waterpolo, but this one is 1.00pm! Please pass this on. Thanks!



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