Thursday, October 8, 2009

Polite Reminder!

Dear Athletes

Another chilly one this morning down at Cottesloe, but a few more faces. This session will really get cranking in a few weeks time so please try and get down if you can.

Just a quick (and polite) one today. Please, please, please can I just request that you all make a real effort to have your PAYG session cards with you at EVERY applicable session. 95% of you are great at this and I thank you in advance for your support on this front. With the addition of several new coaches who will start to be involved with the various squad sessions, it is absolutely imperative that each of you have your cards with you at every session as it becomes an increasingly difficult administrative task to keep a track on who owes a couple of ticks on their cards here and there.

You know me, I'm usually like "yeah, no worries!" but now with the larger numbers there's only so much my poor old memory cells can take without resorting to using a more formal register which then detracts from the quality of the coaching due to time wasted.

Sorry to be a pain, but if you could ensure that you have your cards with you and ready to be ticked BEFORE each session, that would be much appreciated!

Anyone needing a new card can order one here:



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