Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Saturday Ride & Cyclo Sportif

Dear Athletes

This Saturday we shall be taking a ride out into the Swan Valley to have a quick whizz around next weekend's Cyclo Sportif Swan Valley course. The 16km looped course itself is at (of which you will do either 4 or 5 laps) and we'll be riding out to the course (24.5km) following this route:

Plan is to meet at the Bell Tower at 7.00am this week (note the slightly earlier start) and ride out steady as one group, then split up and do 1, 1.5 or loops of the Cyclo Sportif circuit in full team formation, before returning home. Total distance will therefore be in the 65 to 81km region as a guide.

The actual Swan Valley Cyclo Sportif event is next Sunday 28th June, usually around midday. You can enter and pay at

This is how it works:

You can either -

1) pay for this race as a one-off for $60.00 (this includes a one day race license valued at $15.00)


2) pay for 12 months membership to Cyclo Sportif which includes 12 months in / out of racing cycling insurance (a bargain and highly recommended for anyone riding this year - it could just save your bacon). This costs $75.00. The race entry fee is then just $45.00 for this event and includes lunch.

We are hoping to enter 2 teams for the 64km and/or 78km events, with the recommendation being the 64km event for our first hit-out. These teams require 5 to 9 people in each to compete, so we really need to know ASAP if you wish to book a spot in our two teams. Team 1 will hope to average ~30 to 34km/h and Team 2 ~34 to 37km/h (weather dependent). To achieve these speeds riders will work together in a draft-legal formation. This is lots of fun and also great for your cycling skills. 

So please let me know if you wish to be considered for a team, even if you've mentioned it in passing over the past week or so.



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