Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Its raining, its pouring!

Dear Athletes

Another large weather system is moving through with strong winds and thunder (according to the radar) and as such I'd suggest we don't ride this morning and save that wet weather enthusiasm for this weekend's Cyclo Sportif event!!

Just for your reference, the TEAM CORE Blog's are posted out between 9am and 11am each morning to your email address. Its just the way our service provider "Google Feedburner" works. However, the actual Blog feed goes live immediately, so, if you're ever in doubt about whether a session will go ahead or not, check out each morning 30-60 mins before the scheduled session where I will confirm if the session will be going ahead given weather warnings and the like.

If all is looking good and no really nasty weather is forecast, always assume we'll be there!

With respect to swimming, these sessions will ALWAYS be on, irrespective of rain etc, the only time they would be cancelled is in the event of a lightening storm.

Just so you know...



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