Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reserve your place in the squad over winter!

Dear Athletes

We are now going into our Winter Season which will run from Monday May 4th to Sunday October 4th and as such we are anticipating a slight drop-off in squad attendances in each of the three disciplines (swim, cycle and run) during this period. 


We also appreciate that having postponed some of the sessions over this period, that some of you may like to look at switching your weekly preferences around and maybe try attending some of the earlier / later sessions now that we have a little more space available.

Some of you may wish to take a break as well for part, or all, of this winter period. Others may have been "waiting in the wings" for the Half Ironman program to finish and would now like to get stuck into some of the exciting new programs that we will be offering during this period (full details of which will follow in the next 2 weeks).

It's definitely a time of "change", and as such, we just need to ask that you would kindly spend just 5 minutes letting us know about your plans so we can better cater for your needs and that of the growing squad community. 

Even if you have been attending the swim / bike / run squad sessions religiously for the past while, are happy with your "spot" and plan to continue as-is through the winter, we need to hear from you to "firm everything up" so to speak. You might even have some ideas or suggestions you might like to add which will help us to continue to build this program.

Please visit this link asap: http://www.theteamcore.com/feedback_winter.html 

NB. Preference will be give to those already attending the squad with respect to reserving your place, and equally to those who train over the winter for when we kick-off the Summer Season in October.

Half Ironman Program FEEDBACK REQUEST:

Overall, we were very happy with how the Half Ironman Program ran this year and how you all performed at the Half Ironman on Saturday. However, we are of course biased! We'd love for those of you who swam, biked, or ran with us during the last 4 months and then competed either in a team or as an individual to share your thoughts and ideas on how the program went for you and how we could improve for next year. 

This feedback will take you roughly 15-mins but it would be really very much appreciated - thanks in advance! Here's the link: http://www.theteamcore.com/feedback.html


One of our biggest improvers from the Half Ironman (Jo Thomson) has been raising money for a very worthwhile cause in Cambodia through the http://www.rosecharities.info/roseaustralia/index.htm foundation. If you visit the link you can watch a 4-mins video clip about her campaign and if you were keen to contribute, you might like to sponsor her post-race. Definitely watch the video clip if you get chance - it made me cry!

Thanks groovers, see you all soon!


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