Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Get motivated for summer this winter!

Dear All
Hope things are going well over there in sunny old Perth. Just wanted to touch base and make sure you're all making the effort on the colder mornings to get along to the various training sessions. There are various great races coming up on the horizon which would provide you with the necessary motivation to test yourself during this quieter period. This Sunday sees the annual Perth Marathon taking place, which (even if you don't know anyone who's racing) is a great event to pop along to and watch and take some inspiration from. After this there are a few shorter events such as the King of the Mountain run (16km) up in the hills on the 20th July, the Asics 5 or 10km Fun Run on the 27th July and then a build-up to the City-2-Surf 12km run on the 31st August. Go on, challenge yourself this winter!
"Captain Core" over here in the UK has been reliably informed that with the colder mornings and all the rain that there have been fewer people out there training this last week. I remember a story as a kid about the British 800 and 1500m track running legend, Sebastien Coe, and how he and his trainer would aim to train in all weather conditions as they knew that 99% of their competition would shy away when the going got tough. Sticking to his plan, Seb Coe managed to pull together a dedicated and consistent training routine which saw him take two Olympic gold medals in 1980 and 1984 and hold the world 800m record for over 16 years, with the current WR only now just 0.6 seconds quicker!! Amazing stuff!
The really good news is that whilst the temperature outside might be a little down right now, the Claremont Pool is nice and warm for Yann and Ceinwen's swim sessions and Judi's cracking the whip during the Monday night (indoor) wind-trainer session too! So whilst you can only really reliably say you're doing the "hard yards" in the driving rain at Mishy's Thursday night run session, you can rest assured that if you're out there getting those base miles in, there's a fair old chance your competitors won't be!! What's more, you should also be assured that there will always be someone from The TEAM CORE out there to meet you for one of the sessions too to always keep it entertaining! Yes, yes, I know that hot chocolate and pair of Ugg boots are much more tempting after work when its dark and miserable...but think how much better they'll feel after you've done your session with a big glow on contentment on your face!
And if you're really struggling, there's always this which I've put together for you: http://www.theteamcore.com/feelinspired.html Download the images and set them up as your screen-saver and you'll be well on your way to making the hardest Lance Armstrong training-types appear like softies!

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