Monday, July 21, 2008

Back to Sunny Perth

Dear All
I hope you have been getting some good training base miles under your belts and are ready to start lifting things back up a touch in preparation for the season ahead! I will be arriving back into Perth in the early hours of Saturday morning (2nd August) and will be coaching Saturday afternoon's swim at Claremont Pool at 1pm for those who can attend - it'll be a fun session!
So, this week, Judi, Mish, Ceiwen and Yann will continue to run all the sessions as per the past few weeks, with myself taking over the reigns once more from Saturday onwards. I'd just like to say a huge "thankyou" to the coaching staff for their help and support whilst I've been away as I know all of you have benefitted from their knowledge, experience and a slightly different "spin" on things. I am a firm believer in "variety being the spice of life" so I'm hoping that you've all really enjoyed the last 4 weeks break from the "norm". I know that personally I'm even more pumped than ever to be back in Perth and kicking up a coaching "storm" after having had this little break!!
For those of you who are interested and know Helen and Rob, their wedding on Saturday was simply superb. I won't steal the thunder from them (obviously) but Helen looked absolutely beautiful, Rob looked "dashing" in his kilt and the weather was absolutely perfect! Yours truly was the wedding photographer and I managed to get some really nice shots of the happy couple which was very easy in all fairness given their photogenic qualities and easy-going nature! I look forward to spending the next week or so editing and developing their photos for them. It was a great experience and one which I personally look forward to doing again.
See you on Saturday!

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