Thursday, May 8, 2008

Make that long stroke FASTER!

You're probably well versed in what makes a good, efficient freestyle stroke...the longer and smoother the better, right? Hmmm, not necessarily, at least not in all scenarios.
Length and smoothness is key, yes, but from working with thousands of swimmers who have tried diligently to develop the absolutely longest stroke possible only to become dispondent when their times start to plateau, there is clearly something else required. That something is the development of your stroke rate.
In a nutshell the two factors that ultimately determine how fast you swim is the product of how long your stroke is and how fast you turn that stroke over. Most people know how to develop the first aspect (i.e. working to reduce the number of strokes per length), but how many of you can conciously say you've worked to develop that other key aspect, stroke rate.
Up until now, developing your stroke rate has been a hard and laborious task involving complicated equipment and quite a bit of maths. Introducing the Wetronome - the simplest way to ensure that you continue to develop the rhythm and timing of your freestyle stroke to better prepare you for that next event!
Its so easy to use, take a look at some of these video clips to show you how you can make your long stroke FASTER! Conversely, you'll also see how to make a short, scrappy stroke which "fights the water" much longer and smoother. Thats why the Wetronome really is so beneficial to so many swimmers.
Don't get bogged-down with a really long stroke, if it means you have a really SLOW stroke - address the balance between your stroke rate and stroke length to really lift your performances!

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