Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Official launch of our new triathlon team name and website!

Dear All
Following on from the previous email, I am pleased to announce the birth of our new triathlon and swim training squad here in Perth, W.A! I do hope that you will find the new site very useful (whether you are training with us or not) and that you will continue to support our program where possible.
  • The name - "The T*E*A*M CORE" - Bespoke Triathlon Coaching in a Motivating Squad Environment:

I have my good friend Adam Young to thank for all the time we spent trouble-shooting and trying to come up with a name that really encapsulates what we stand for as a triathlon and swim squad:

T = Triathlon

E = Endurance

A = And

M = Multisport

CORE = Our unique team-like approach to coaching and athlete support, ensuring the longevity of triathlon enjoyment for all!

It was so important for me personally to create both a name and an image which will really give us a sense of team identity and pride, and I'm hoping that you'll agree, "The TEAM CORE" goes a long way to achieving this. The hard part is now up to us to continue to develop this concept. So whether you are training for swimming, cycling, running, triathlon or multisport / adventure racing, we hope that you'll find something of benefit to you within our program.

  • The Concept:

You can read here more about our "Core Values" and philosophy including an explanation of "the 3 C's" - Commitment, Consistency & Camararderie.

  • The New Program:
Effective as of Monday May 5th 2008 and centred around the Claremont Pool on Davies Road - http://www.theteamcore.com/weeklyprogram.html We will not break for the winter, so for those keen on joining from the "off" you can now do so! Check out the program for details of our cool new sessions.
Changes: due to slight differences in the pool bookings at Claremont compared with CCGS, it has been necessary to slightly adjust the new training program. We are hoping that this is still in your favour, especially with the addition of an evening swim session and a saturday afternoon session, as well as an additional Time:4:Me swim as well. We welcome your feedback on the new program!
Frequently Asked Questions can be found and their answers here.
Details of our next group "race-centric" program will be posted up at http://www.theteamcore.com/futureprograms.html shortly starting with a 24-week build-up to Ironman WA on Monday the 23rd June (please note some of you guys will prefer a shorter lead-up of 18 weeks and we'll have something starting on Monday 4th August in that case too!).
  • The "Look":
Orders are now being taken for some of our unique team-kit as per http://www.theteamcore.com/teamkit.html Team t-shirts (as per attached) are now ready for collection too! Pretty soon we'll be looking like a truly veritable training team for all abilities and aspirations - I hope you will partake!
  • The "Community":
We now have our very own triathlon chat forum located at http://teamcoretalk.freeforums.org/ Chat forums are great areas to chat and meet new people and learn more about our great sport. I have provided a super-comprehensive link section which provides easy-access to the answers all your commonly asked questions. So the idea is that now when you want to ask a training-related question that you feel comfortable openly asking it on the forum. Its free to join, but the benefit of asking your questions there is that there is a very high chance that someone else is thinking the same thing. Asking your question will allow it to be then answered publically to the benefit of everyone within the group. In such a manner we can grow to become a really strong team! The TEAM CORE community will also comprise those athletes that we coach from overseas / over-east as well as just here in Perth - the word is getting out!
  • The Athletes:
We have a comprehensive list of our athletes up on our website at http://www.theteamcore.com/athleteprofiles.html If your name and details are missing its only because you haven't sent them through. Please attach a photo and some blurb along the same lines as those you see on this page and we'll add your details.
  • Enhanced Communication:
In order to keep you better informed of what we're up to and when, we've used some cool technology to keep the new website regularly up-to-date ensuring you don't miss a beat! This facility is great news for you as it allows you more of a decision in how and when you receive this information:
  1. Continue "as is": To continue to receive our exciting news and free tips as they are written, simply enter your email address into the following form: http://www.feedburner.com/fb/a/emailverifySubmit?feedId=1685800 Each time we add new content this will be delivered to you between 3 and 4pm (WST) - no content = no email. In the event of a sudden change to the program (i.e. severe weather etc) please check the Blog for instant clarification of whether the session is still running. From here onwards, unless you add your details here, you will not receive an email from us. Some of you like the tips and news that we provide, others may find it too much "clutter" - and thats OK - there are other options:
  2. Subscribe to our RSS Feed: If you know how to use an RSS Feed, you can simply subscribe to this at http://theteamcore.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss - this allows you to get our updated information without having it delivered to your inbox.
  3. Follow our Blog: If you prefer to simply check the website for new information when it suits you, you can simply do this by checking out our Blog at http://theteamcore.blogspot.com/
  • Online Payment:
We have now added a secure and safe way of purchasing your new session cards through our online payment page: http://www.theteamcore.com/shop.html Simply fill in the form, receive your receipt and bring it along to training to receive your PAYG card - easy! You can still choose to download a registration form and bring this along to training with either cash, cheque or credit card details as well. Please note that session cards do not include pool entry for swim sessions, but do include the pre-swim 30 mins core stability and flexibility class which is available before every swim that we now run.
  • Photos - we all love photos!
Check out our new photo gallery at http://www.theteamcore.com/photogallery.html - this will be regularly updated as appropriate. Why not get yourself inspired with our inspirational Desktop Quotes as well (free to download).
Hope that all makes sense. Have fun and please enjoy the new website - we designed it for you!
Paul Newsome
Swim Smooth & The TEAM CORE
www.swimsmooth.com & www.theteamcore.com
+ 61 (0) 431 540 980
Follow the Blog at http://theteamcore.blogspot.com/

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