Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Marquee-type tent for this weekend - can anyone help?

Dear All
I've been scraping around trying around to find a marquee-type "pagoda" tent (see attached) for this weekend's race down in Busselton, but to no avail.
Does anyone have anything similar we could borrow? I've had the "ok" to set this up on the side lines to act as both shelter from the sun and as a base for the support crew (and even a place to leave your gear etc). I have also decided that I will take my bike tool box down with me and stand to run through any last minute maintenance check-ups for anyone should they need it (hopefully though you've all had yours done now though as this is really just for a quick "tweak" if necessary) - all of which would be great to do under the shelter!
I'm trying to get a large TEAM CORE banner done up as we speak, so if anyone has any contacts in that field, please call me on 9443 9960.
Thanks guys and go TEAM CORE!
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