Sunday, March 25, 2018

Pool Closure - UPDATE

Dear Swimmers

I hope you are having a little less of a stressful weekend than myself right now 😉 

As I mentioned on Friday's email, we are very fortunate that this unexpected pool closure is such a rarity that I haven't this situation in the entire 10 years I have coached from Claremont Pool, such is the diligence of the facility and staff. I can only apologise for the inconvenience in having the cancel the following five squad sessions:

  • Monday 26th March 7-8am (Pure Technique)
  • Monday 26th March 9.30-10.30am (Pure Technique)
  • Tuesday 27th March 5.30-6.30am (Technique / Endurance)
  • Tuesday 27th March 6.30-7.30am (Technique / Endurance)
  • Tuesday 27th March 6.15-7.15pm (Technique / Endurance)

If you were registered to swim in any of these sessions, you should have received a note stating that they are cancelled. You will of course not be charged for these cancellations.

The pool's filtration system is due to be back online for Wednesday's 5.30am squad session. I will confirm this on Tuesday for all registered swimmers.

What are we doing about it from a training perspective so you don't miss out?

  1. we shall be adding an Open Water Skills session* on Monday 26th March at 9.30am and also on Tuesday 27th March at 6.15am, both at Cottesloe Beach starting from the grassed area immediately in from of the pylon (northside of Indianna Tea Rooms). You will need to please add yourself in for these sessions directly using the app - I do hope you can join us for these! These sessions are open on a first-come first-served basis - so please be quick to register.
  2. ordinarily we cancel the squad for 4 days over the Easter period. The pool will still remain closed all day on Friday 30th March (so no squads), however, I will be foregoing the break to come back in on Monday 2nd April, so if you check your app you will see it is possible to book yourself in for the 7am and 9.30am Pure Technique sessions on that day. As I'm assuming that some of our regulars would still have holiday plans, please be sure to add yourself manually for these sessions if you intend to come. These sessions are open on a first-come first-served basis - so please be quick to register.
  3. by adding in Monday 2nd April, I also now have a 1-2-1 Video Analysis & Stroke Correction Session available at 8.10am on that day if anyone wants to jump on that one?

I'm very much hoping that these measures help to somewhat offset the disappointment of losing some training time. We'd really appreciate your support by attending the additional sessions if you are able?


*Our open water sessions are probably the best fun you'll have all week! Come down and enjoy developing your open water swimming skills including: sighting, drafting, turning and also developing your confidence in the great outdoors too! The sessions will always vary in terms of content and structure and will often involve a small amount of (optional) beach running too. You can expect feedback on your positioning for drafting, pacing ability and whether or not the smile on your face is big enough! It'll be a challenging session physically for all (even you fast guys and girls!).

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