Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Ever wanted to know the history behind Swim Smooth here in Perth? Listen on, it's an interesting story!

Dear Swimmers

I told you the sunshine was eventually going to come out this week, hey? Loving it!

I had the awesome opportunity yesterday to record a podcast as the first guest on the new WA Real podcast hosted by Bryn Edwards talking about the 13 year history of Swim Smooth of how I set up the company here in sunny Perth and how it's grown over the years to now see our format being delivered in 119 countries around the world through our partnership with the International Triathlon Union and also our 40 officially Certified Swim Smooth Coaches. I thought you might find this useful listening given especially how the Perth Squad here in Perth is very much the "engine room" of what we bring to the world of swimming - some of you even get a mention!

As Bryn says:

"The world's most passionate swimming coach, Paul Newsome shares his swim coaching journey and the story behind Swimsmooth – the most pre-eminent swim coaching brand. Listen as Paul talks openly about how he learnt to coach the individual rather than the technique, how he developed the Swimsmooth approach to swim coaching in the face of conventional wisdom and how he, together with his business partner, have built Swimsmooth into the company it is today, and the challenges that that success brings. Bryn and Paul also delve into why more and more people are drawn into undertaking big challenges like ironman and solo swims to Rottnest."

Digging Deeper from the podcast:

As some of you are probably aware (through social media and just from chatting with me on pool deck recently), I've been going through a bit of a rough time over the last month or so due to numerous episodes of direct plagiarism of our work and even several businesses internationally using our name and claiming to be us illegitimately, as well as one case where our most significant project to date appears to have been used to help a major brand develop a very similar system. 

It's been quite depressing to see all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears that we've put into Swim Smooth being taken in this manner, but as many people have encouraged, something will only be mimicked (especially by the big guns) if it's deemed to be successful and viable, so we have to take heart in that my "baby" is on the right track at least! It still doesn't make it hurt any less though. Some say "that's just business". I get it.

The internet has been a great aid to us developing the reach that we have achieved in the last 13 years (which includes a subscriber-ship of 120,000+ swimmers worldwide who follow our weekly blog at - making it the world's biggest swimming blog (we think!)), but also makes it very much easier than it was 10+ years ago to take advantage of someone else's hard work too. It's bitter-sweet, I guess.

Nevertheless, as ever in life there are two routes to take - the positive (proactively continuing to use our passion and expertise to push forwards) and the negative (being consumed with fighting the fires). We have opted for the positive route and are enthused and motivated now greater than ever before. We will to continue to be genuine in our quest to help as many people around the world as possible enjoy this great sport of swimming and show them that no matter what their starting point, they too can become good swimmers for life. And it all starts here in Perth with you all. That is what this is all about, why I get up at 4.20am every morning to do what I love doing. I am privileged to have this opportunity, to have crafted this niche and am humbled to be called your coach and for all the support that you have offered me over the years. I am merely a swim coach to the core, but have received some wonderful mentoring lately from members of the squad who are trying to assist with their massive wealth of business, finance and legal advice for which I am hugely grateful. Confrontation, depression and angst is gradually being replaced by excitement, anticipation and the awe of what could be possible.

Right now, myself and Adam feel hugely empowered to look at how we go about funding the growth and development of the next phase of our Swim Smooth journey and I very much hope you will continue to be along for that ride - it's sure to be an exciting one!

So please do have a listen to the podcast and even share it around to friends and family who might find it interesting; it's certainly a study in how following your passion - and realising where your motivations truly lie - is what living a fulfilled life is all about, warts and all.

And if that's all a little "too deep man", I'll finish off with these cool bubbles from squad swimmer and über-fish Byron Kimber (CSS of 1:08/100m!) to lighten the mood. See you on pool deck soon!

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