Friday, April 29, 2016

It's been a busy 12 months - look who's coming!

Guru says: do not fear training, fast it will make you!

Dear Swimmers

Let me start off by wishing everyone competing at this Sunday's Busselton 70.3 event the very best of luck! May the force be with you all and the winds kind! Go get 'em!

Secondly, special good luck to Coaches Cyndy & Sally who next week will be away up at the Lake Argyle 10k/20k open water swim event respectively, along with a few other squad members competing in teams. The girls have done a fantastic job of training super consistently and will go well I am sure! I will be taking the next fortnight of Tuesday / Thursday 6.15pm sessions, so I look forward to taking over cracking the whip from the girls for a while and repaying the help they gave for me whilst on holiday in Kalbarri last week. Go girls!

Thirdly, I've had a cancellation for a coveted 1-2-1 Video Analysis Session next Friday 6th May at 7.45am - if you want it, please go on the app and register asap or book via!appointments/cta3 

So, it's been a very busy year indeed…the Busselton 70.3 race always feels like the true end of the season however, as they say, "if it ain't raining, it ain't training!"... I'll be looking forward to hear of your goals and motivations over the winter months…suggestions on a post card please! However, hopefully below I have the perfect idea for how you might approach the cooler months with a project we've been working hard to bring to fruition over the last 12 months, the Swim Smooth Guru! Check it out here - it's our best work yet:

Please visit for a video run-through of how the Guru can help you!

For more details and explanations about this fun project which has required a monumental amount of sweat and tears to complete, please see: 

Have a great weekend everyone!


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