Monday, February 22, 2016

Update on M/W/F 9.30am Open Water Sessions

Dear Swimmers

As mentioned previously, for nine (9) of the 9.30am sessions from 29/2/16 to 1/4/16 (inclusive), we have to shift our normal squad sessions away from the pool and down to either the beach or the river. Many of you get very excited about this opportunity to swim in the open water at this time of year and I have some great session ideas up my sleeve for you accordingly!

The poll conclusively suggested Cottesloe was a more popular choice than Bather's Beach in Fremantle, mainly due to the parking restrictions at that time of year down in Fremantle. And so Cottesloe it is! We may look at making a couple of the sessions down at the Claremont Jetty (a great place to swim!) subject to the consensus once we start:

A later start time:

A slightly later start time of 9.45am (rather than 9.30am) will be required for each of these open water sessions (note the pool sessions will stay as 9.30am), owing to my prior session commitments at the pool and to give me time to high-tail it down to the beach. By all means meet-up from 9.30am for a few light stretches but the sessions won't officially commence until 9.45am.

Here are the dates again for your diary, noting the minor change with the switch between the 16/3/16 and 21/3/16 sessions from the dates I previously published:

I have also made these schedule changes within the app, so if you're ever in doubt as to which session is where, simply open the app, go to "My Classes" and click on the date of the session you're querying and if we're NOT at the pool, you'll see this:

Hope this all makes sense - I look forward to seeing you down on the grassy bank in front of the pylon for these nine dates!


P.S if you do not wish to attend these sessions because of the switch to the open water, can I politely ask you to cancel out of the sessions asap to allow others to join in where in the past they might have missed out - thanks!

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