Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Please bin your bottles, foodstuffs & carbo shots post session! Thanks

Dear Swimmers

I've been contacted by the pool to politely request that I remind all of our swimmers to bin any rubbish you may have immediately following a session. This includes:

  • used water bottles
  • banana skins
  • carbo shot packets
  • other food stuffs

…this seems to be more common following the longer Red Mist sessions and particularly the Saturday afternoon swim when you might be trying to top-up your energy reserves.

Bins are located around the pool area, particularly adjacent to lane 1 of the 50m pool and half way up lane 8 of the 50m pool too.

Please do the right thing and help us keep the wonderful Claremont Pool in pristine order to reduce our footprint as much as possible.

May I also take this moment to politely request that any fins, paddles and pull buoys that are borrowed from the big blue box, are also returned post session. We've had quite a few pairs of fins and paddles go missing recently so your help with this is very much appreciated! 

Thank you!


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