Monday, February 17, 2014

March Coaching Allocations & 25m pool sessions

Dear Swimmers

As previously mentioned, I will be away in the UK for a coaching trip, leaving on Thursday 27th February and returning on Tuesday 18th March. I am really excited about this particular trip as (amongst other things) I will be doing some MCing for 6-time Hawaii Ironman Champion, Dave Scott at the national Triathlon Show which is a huge thing for me - I can't wait! Let me know if you have any questions for Dave!!

Detailed below is the coaching cover that I have arranged in my absence - it goes without saying that you'll be in great hands whilst I am away!

I've got Cyndy doing both Monday sessions (7am and 9.30am)
I've got Sandy doing Tuesday 6.30pm as normal and Friday 9.30am
I've got Sally doing Tuesday and Friday 5.30-7.30am and Saturdays as usual at 1-2pm
I've got Brad doing both Wednesday sessions (5.30am and 9.30am)

25m Pool allocations in the 9.30am and Thursday 6.30pm sessions:

It's that time of year again when we will be affected by some of the school carnivals at the pool in February / March / April. The following sessions will be affected by either being in the 25m pool or down at Cottesloe Beach. Please make a good note of these for your reference.

During the Thursday 6.30pm sessions we have been allocated just 3 x 25m lanes which will make things very squishy indeed, so please be aware of this. I am anticipating a quieter session for the 20/2/14 session due to the Rottnest Swim being just two days later anyway. In the 9.30am sessions we supposedly have 4 lanes allocated, so it should be a little better then. The Claremont Pool staff will do their best to help us at this time, but please be patient and understand that this is our only option during this busy period for the pool. Thanks - here's the details:

  • Thursday 20th February - 6.30pm (25m pool)
  • Thursday 6th March = 6.30pm (25m pool)
  • Friday 7th March = 9.30am (Cottesloe Beach)
  • Monday 10th March = 9.30am (25m pool)
  • Wednesday 12th March = 9.30am (25m pool)
  • Friday 14th March = 9.30am (25m pool)
  • Wednesday 19th March = 9.30am (25m pool)
  • Wednesday 26th March = 9.30am (25m pool)
  • Friday 28th March = 9.30am (25m pool)
  • Friday 4th April = 9.30am (Cottesloe Beach)



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