Friday, December 13, 2013

Houston...we no longer have a problem (hopefully!)!!

Not nervous at all (pre-op) - let's get this done!

Dear Swimmers

I thought I'd just take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the last 5 months whilst I've been struggling with bad back pain and to let you know that my surgery yesterday went really well up at Joondalup Hospital with Professor Stephen Lewis. I had a micro discectomy in my lower back (L5, right side to be precise) and the early indications are great! My leg pain has completely gone (instantly) and all being well so too should my back pain as it starts to all heal up - whoop, whoop! 

Is this a good look on me? I think not!

I'm so elated after really struggling for so long - it's definitely been a year of contrasts from winning the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in June and feeling literally on top of the world to being totally incapable of putting my socks on in the morning and feeling 80+! Incredible. I'd like to thank you all for your support but especially to Dr Nathalie Laurendeau (chiro), Dr Peter Annear (orthopaedic surgeon), Dr Lorry Dembo (the man who makes things 'happen'!), Professor Stephen Lewis (legendary neurosurgeon), Christine Lowe (physio), Gemma (pilates) and my wife Michelle Smith (physio) for getting me physically through this period.

I would dearly like to at least pop down to the pool next Wednesday to say hi and wish you all a great Christmas, but will have to play it a little by ear. Sincere apologies if I don't! I have arranged some great coaching cover in my absence over the next few days and will definitely be back on the morning of Tuesday 7th January (with the squad officially starting back on Monday 6th January after the last session on Saturday 21st December at 1-2pm, both with Coach Sally).

Relaxing (post-op) with a pint of the finest Yorkshire Tea!

Thanks everyone - have a great Christmas and prosperous New Year!


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