Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas swim training / holiday period

Dear Swimmers

Hope you're having a fab start to your week!

I'm starting to get a lot of questions about the Christmas holiday period so I figured it would be good to try to beat the rush as it were and let you know that between Sunday 22nd December and Sunday 5th January 2014 there will be no squad sessions for this 2 week period. Our last session will be Saturday 21st December with Coach Sally between 1 and 2pm (the super-fun open water skills session) and then the first session back will also be with Coach Sally on Monday 6th January 2014 at 7-8am and also 9.30-10.30am.

I will be heading back to my Motherland (sunny Yorkshire) from the 18th December and returning on Monday 6th January. It's going to be a great Christmas break with Mish and the kids and with any luck, the chance to see some snow as we'll be staying entirely in the North of England during our trip. I can't wait! Chance to unwind and relax with family - perfect!

As an update to my back situation (for your information), sadly, despite lots of excellent conservative physiotherapy management with Chris & Gemma at Horizon Physiotherapy and Mish, my back is still being a reluctant so-and-so and not getting any better. After 5 months of pain and having to get Mish up at 4am every morning just to put my socks and shoes on, two "Angels" in the form of Dr Peter Annear and Prof Stephen Lewis have come to my rescue and on the 12th December I will be having back surgery up at Joondalup Hospital to hopefully remedy the issue. I am having a micro discectomy at L5 (right side) done for all you medical boffins out there and I cannot thank Pete and Steve enough for helping to see me before my UK trip where I'll be able to recoup nicely all being well. 

I have however decided to pull out from another Rottnest Solo attempt this year which is a bit sad but I would only want to attempt to rock it at full strength and just don't feel like I'll be running on full power by that point. It'll give me chance to have some proper R&R back home and to also then focus solely on the squad members participating in Rotto and other events going forwards. I'm really pumped about this now that I've got my head around it all.

For your reference, I will miss this Wednesday's 9.30-10.30am session for my "pre-op" and then also Friday 13th December to Tuesday 17th December (inclusive) whilst I am in rehab. I am hoping to show my face on Wednesday 18th December at both the 5.30am and 9.30am sessions as my last before Christmas - I hope you will join me! All the sessions in my absence will still be operational, we are just finalising cover for this as we speak.

Cheers and have a great week!


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