Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday / Thursday winter evening start times & THE STORM!

Dear swimmers

Just a quick update for those of you whom swim on a Tuesday and Thursday evening at 630-730pm.

As of 1st May the centre is operating under winter hours, meaning that the pool closes at 730pm during the week. Rather than cut your swim time short by 5 minutes or so and have you miss out on a hot shower etc, the pool has arranged for us to start 15mins earlier on both nights until the start of October 2013 whereupon we will likely return to the 630-730pm slot.

A couple of quick points on this:

On both nights there is a prior booking with Kirby Swim that finishes at 630pm. We will likely be in lanes 4,5&6 rather than the side lanes during the 15 minute cross over period. Your coaches and the pool staff will advise on a night-by-night basis as to the exact configuration. On Thursday it will be necessary for this first 15 minutes to be using just 2 lanes, but as soon as 630pm comes around in time for the main set, we will have the full 3 lanes to use as normal.

Hope that all makes sense?

It is probably too short notice to expect this change to happen from this evening so this will be officially enforced as of this Thursday, 9th May. Thanks for your support on these matters. Please ensure that you are fully showered and changed ready to leave the centre by 730pm at the very latest.

Lastly, looks like a stormy day tomorrow - please note all sessions will still be running UNLESS there is lightening...please don't roll over and hit the snooze button!!



Kind regards


Paul Newsome
Head Coach
Swim Smooth Ltd.

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