Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Public Holiday this weekend

Dear Swimmers

Just touched down here in Toronto - simply beautiful weather! Monster 30hr journey with one little 18mth old not really behaving (naughty Isla!) but Jackson was on his best behaviour so I reckon that cancels it out!

A quick notice to say that despite the Public Holiday this weekend, we shall only be cancelling the Monday 7-8am technique session following a poll of people's likeliness to attend on Monday this week.

Anyone who would normally attend the 7am session but wants to swim that day can attend the 930am session instead using the same PAYG card...we anticipate this only being a few people and that a few people will likely miss the 930am session as well - all up, it should all work out in the wash! :-)

Saturdays session at 1-2pm this week will still be operational, again owing to a poll last week where a good number of people suggested they would still likely attend. Equally, of you fancy popping along to this one this week, that would also be fine.



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