Friday, April 19, 2013

Rottnest Channel Swim Records and the Kokoda Trail

Dear Swimmers

Hope you're all well - great to be fully back into the swing of things and to know that all our sessions (especially the 9.30am ones) are back to normal at the Claremont Pool!

Just two notes this week from squad members:

Kokoda Trek
If anyone's interested in doing the Kokoda Trail this August, Serena Wells (5.30am, Tuesday and Thursday nights squads), her brother, Mitchell, and a couple of others are looking for some people to join their privately guided trek.  The relevant dates are 3 to 13 August (being the arrival and departure dates from Port Moresby, which includes travel time to/from the Trail).  If you're interested (or know of anyone that might be), please give her a call on 0457 896 665 or email:

Rottnest Channel Swim Records

John Guilfoyle (one of the founding swimmers of the first Rottnest Channel Swim) is compiling some historic records of the event and wonders if anyone can help him out with the following (please contact John directly on if you can):

"Some of the RCSA records for solo swim are incomplete, at least ten swimmers have had their swims not recognised either due to them not applying to the RCSA committee for ratification or were disqualified from the race but completed the swim to Rottnest resulting in their swim not being ratified by the committee. The present committee know about the situation and will not act until the swimmers apply for recognition. Could you please ask your squad and to let John know. They must apply themselves for ratification.

Some of the team records of the race are incomplete from 1991 to 2003. If any swimmers have records of their swim team, name & age of swimmers in the team and their time and result, please let John know.
He is also interested in solo swimmers who were asked to stop and leave the water, the reason why, and if they were advised that they could swim to the nearest part of the island to have their swim ratified?"

Cheers - have a great weekend!


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