Thursday, January 17, 2013

BHP Billiton Super Series

Dear Swimmers

Hope you're enjoying these last few days of cooler temperatures before the mercury starts to rise pommie skin doesn't take to well to anything over ~33ÂșC!

OK, just a couple of quick notices today:

1. Lisa Palmer has four free tickets to watch the action at Challenge Stadium on Saturday night at the BHP Billiton Super Series Swim Meet with the like of James Magnusen and Steph Rice competing - should be fab! Contact Lisa on - one small commitment, you'll need to be available to hand out hats, sunscreen and water bottles on Saturday from 2.45/3pm for an hour - a small price to pay for Group C tickets (good ones!).

2. Quite a few of the squad are doing the open water event on Sunday morning...the longest distance (10km) allows the swimmers to have a person stationed on the pontoon to hand out drinks at the end of each 2.5km loop - do we have any volunteers from those of you not racing to perhaps come down and help out with this essential task for our squad racers? Please get back to me by replying to this email. Thanks!

Thanks everyone - have a great weekend! 

P.S new CSS times to be published very soon!


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