Thursday, January 24, 2013

Australia Day Long Weekend - what's happening...

Dear Swimmers

Well I can't quite believe it - your bubbly pommie swim coach has now officially been in Australia for 11 years! I first arrived on the Australia Day weekend in 2002, was meant to be here just 3 days "passing through" whilst back-packing with a mate and now look at me..."nearly" a local! LOL! ;-)

Ok so this weekend, the following sessions will be cancelled:

  • Saturday 1-2pm
  • Monday 7-8am
  • Monday 9.30-10.30am

...all sessions tomorrow (Friday) will run as normal as too will they from Tuesday 29th January onwards.

There are two big open water races this weekend:

...myself and at least one other swimmer from the squad require a paddler for Monday's 10km event - any keen and able please email me (I have a kayak etc).

Cheers and have a great weekend! Hope to see you out there!


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