Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Egg and Bacon English Muffins to go!

Dear Swimmers

You may or may not be aware that the kiosk at the pool has reopened at the pool and is being run by a lovely couple called Graham and Barb and their two daughters over the summer months.

If you're like me you're often rushing around after training and trying to get to work and they've asked me to let you know that they will be making 'Egg and Bacon English Muffins to-go' on Tuesday and Friday mornings for $5. These will be ready and waiting for any swimmer when they hop out after 6ish on Fridays and Tuesdays. They will have about a dozen ready each morning for those who are interested.

I have of course sampled the muffins and can attest to their sumptuousness (the egg and bacon pastry pillows are also very yummy!) and the new coffee that they offer is sure to tempt the taste buds of you coffee aficionados!

I have no direct association with Graham and Barb, just hoping that for those of you with hungry post-Fresh & Fruity bellies might like to support them with their new venture at the pool, especially whilst it's still relatively quiet this early on in the season.



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