Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Impact 100 WA

Dear Swimmers

Rory, Paul D, Chris Foley and Simon (all from the 5.30am squad) are involved in a new Charity called Impact 100 WA.  

The aim is to get 100 people to donate $1,000 a year (tax deductible) and then give one large grant each year to a deserving WA charity.  The aim is to pool their resources and also encourage more people to get involved in Philanthropy.
Impact 100 WA then pool the contributions to make large-impact grants to WA-based projects that are collectively chosen by the donors at an annual grant dinner in November.  You will be able to hear the stories from organisations and develop a feel for what the donation is actually achieving.  It means there is a bit more personal feedback and a chance to meet like minded people at the dinner at the end of the year. Each donor gets one vote on where the money is to go to.
Impact 100 WA has recently launched their website and facebook page and the links are below if you want to read a bit more information. To donate just click on the link on the home page, all contributions are fully tax deductible. 
The focus of the grant will be rotated annually, but this year is disadvantaged youth and youth at risk.
Impact 100 WA also has articles written about them in the Autumn issue of Scoop magazine (p78), The Post and Western Suburbs Weekly.
Impact 100 WA had our launch at government house a few weeks ago with Giving West, with speeches from Colin Barnett, Malcolm McCusker, Giving West, The Myer foundation and our chairman Simon Bedbrook. The response was fantastic.

Feel free to pass this on to anyone who might have an interest, we have very nearly got to our goal of $100k, Impact 100 WA are very keen to get there by the end of next week.
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