Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just 2.5 weeks to go to Rotto!

Dear Swimmers

Well, it's very nearly upon us - the Rottnest Channel Swim that is - just 2.5 weeks to go! Hope you're all feeling ready or at least getting there! For the soloists, this should be your biggest week of training before backing off in the final two weeks - please refer to http://swimsmooth.com/perth/Rotto_2011_12.pdf

Since school went back last week and with the mad panic that usually accompanies the last minute cramming before the Rotto swim, you'll probably have noticed that some of the sessions have been a little on the busy side. I do expect this to drop off somewhat after the Rottnest swim, so please can I ask you to all be kind and courteous to each other and if you're new to squad swimming and are unsure of proper 'lane etiquette' that you just quickly familiarise yourself with these points:

Thank you!

There were some great results from the squad at the annual Cottesloe to Swanbourne Swim (my personal favourite) and also the Busselton Jetty Swim with a very notable performance coming from Kim Annear in 64 minutes for the 3.6km swim which will set her up nicely for her first outing at the Rottnest Channel Swim solo.

Lastly, almost immediately following the Rottnest Channel Swim (on the 1st March) I will be away for a period of 3 weeks coaching again in the UK. We are running two more 3-day Coach Education Clinics in association with the British Triathlon Federation and 4 or 5 1-day swimmer's clinics. We announced these on Friday night and were staggered to see them all fully book out in less than 30 minutes with well over 100 people on the waiting list within 2 hours. Just unbelievable. We are also going over for a product launch of a new range of wetsuits which we have helped to design that are aimed specifically at the different swim types and the necessity to produce suits of differing buoyancies depending upon how you naturally swim. All exciting stuff! All the squad sessions here in Perth will obviously continue with our excellent selection of coaches and I'll be back just in time to complete the 10 week CSS challenge with you all. Great!

OK, have a great week and see you on pool deck!


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