Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bon voyage!

Dear Swimmers

Please be advised that I will be away for 3 weeks following my final sessions tomorrow morning at 5.30am and 9.30am, and will be back on pool deck from Saturday 24th March at 1pm. In my absence, all the normal sessions will still be running with the coaching allocations thus:

...given that Rotto is over for another year, the only minor modification is that the Wednesday 5.30am sessions will be a maximum of 4-5km (not the 6-7km sessions we've been use to of late). These will also be complete by ~7am. This is a great session to build your endurance and really fine tune your pacing etc.

N.B. Some of the coaching allocations are subject to change, especially with Francene being so close to having her first baby (wahoo!) - please be understanding if things change at short notice with respect to who is taking the session - thanks!

9.30am session swimmers, please take heed of the notes regarding some of the session locations whilst I am away, i.e. 25m pool and two beach sessions owing to fully booked pool space due to the carnival season. Please be patient and supportive of the coaches at this time and also the pool staff as they have all done their very best to ensure that we can maintain the program as much as possible during this busy period at the pool.

Also, if you still require a PAYG payment card, there's the option to buy one at either of the 5.30am or 9.30am sessions tomorrow (Wednesday 29th February) or online at: http://swimsmooth.com/perth_buycard.html

...if you happen to process a payment whilst I am away, please print out the receipt and present this to your coach on the day to receive your PAYG cards

On this note, please can I request that you are all super diligent in bringing your PAYG cards to each session...there have been a few consistently 'forgetful' swimmers recently but this will prove to be an admin nightmare with 3 coaches taking the various sessions in my absence, so please support this system as best you can. Your support here is much appreciated!

OK guys, have a great 3 weeks with the new coaches and the exciting sessions that we have planned between us. The 10 week CSS Development Program will still continue in the same format on a Wednesday at 9.30am and Friday at 5.30am & 6.30am. This week is week 7, I return at the end of week 10 and we will be doing some re-testing in week 11 upon my return to see how you've all gone, so please keep up the great work you've been putting in recently!

Cheers and enjoy!


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