Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One more day of Channel Viewing...

Dear Team

It very much looks like both Paul Downie and Andrew Hunt will get to swim this Thursday morning (15th September) and will likely start at ~2am UK time (9am Perth time). Let's really get behind these guys. The weather looks very good with light northerly winds helping to push them across (potentially), but as we all know the Channel can be a fickle Mistress at times and given that these boys will be swimming on a larger Spring Tide, expect to see quite a curve in their GPS path as they track across to France. Your support and encouragement through Twitter etc will really help them. 

Check out their progress at and to Tweet, just find any post from ChannelDare and hit the small reply button under the text. It'll ask you to sign up for an account, but it's literally a case of creating a suitable username and password and then you can get Tweeting.

I'm jumping on a plane this end from Manchester at 2pm today and will be back in Perth at 6pm on Thursday. This will mean that I might miss the first few hours of their swims, but I'm going to try and access the paid-for internet on the Emirates flight to keep track of them. For your reference, I'll be taking a few days totally off everything to relax with Michelle and Jackson who I haven't seen for 5 weeks believe it or not. I'll be back on pool deck for my first session back at 5.30am on Tuesday 20th September - can't wait. 

I'll be sending over details of our Rottnest Channel Swim Program which will officially commence on Monday 10th October and will run for 20 weeks. I highly recommend that if you're doing a Solo, Duo or Team this year that you contact me with a brief email asking me to add your email address to our specific Rottnest email group where I will keep you posted on additional squad training sessions and weekend long swims in due course.

Well, that's about it. I'm still on Cloud Nine - I feel fantastic and really relaxed / relieved to have have now done the crossing and be able to move on to getting back to some good squad coaching. I've even had my first swim back to loosen off the shoulders and loved it. 

Remember, we'll have 8 additional coaches on pool deck from the UK for the 2 weeks between the 26th September and 9th October which should be really exciting and offer you some great coaching opportunities. These 8 coaches have all been handpicked from our 47 who have sat our Swim Smooth Coaches Education course and will now go on to do their official Accredited Swim Smooth Coaches training with us in the next 6-12 months. We hope you will give them a warm welcome and reception when they arrive in Perth.



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