Monday, July 11, 2011

Thanks for all your support this last weekend!

Dear Swimmers

Hope you've all had a great weekend. Just a note to say thanks so much for all your support this last weekend with respect to the team raising money for Breast Cancer Care WA. I believe we're now well over $40k and we received a big boost from the following events this weekend:

Friday Night's Mouse Night:

This event was a lot of fun and was run at the Claremont Footy Club where over 300 people were in attendance to bet on the mice racing. I had my reservations initially about how "humane" this was, but seeing how much cheese those little guys got to chow down over the course of the evening I now realise where most of their fee goes!

Prizes for the raffle were donated from our major sponsors and everyone had a jolly good time - what, what!

For your info, here's a 20 minute clip of the documentary that Adam put together of us training over the last 18 months that we showed on the evening...the near head on collision right at the start of our qualifying swim between myself and Paul D at 7'40" into the video is priceless:

Saturday's Squad Swim:

Given the previous evening's activities, attendance at the 1pm squad session was at an all time low (doh!), however, 5 very lucky swimmers had the chance to participate in a bespoke video analysis and stroke correction session to fine-tune their strokes. Given that these 1-2-1 sessions are currently fully booked until the start of October, this was really well received by the swimmers. 

You can see a review of this session (30 minutes) as a recording of the analysis which features lots of useful pointers for all of you (including posture, alignment, your catch and also a fun little story about swimming straight in the open water which some of you may have seen here: ) posted up at:

...check it out!

To have your own stroke filmed and analysed in this manner featuring a complete carbon-copy recording of the analysis and a specific technique training program to take away with you, please visit the website at

How does this tie-in with the fund raising? We donated 4 copies of our new best-selling Catch Masterclass DVD (extracts of which feature in the analysis above) to the movers and shakers at Sunday's 10km event (below).

Please note: next saturday (16th July) there will be NO 1pm squad session owing to a water-polo fixture. The session will resume again on Saturday 23rd July as normal. Please aim to get down, you never know what you might be missing out on! ;-)

Sunday's 10KM Challenge Relay:

Given the cool conditions on Sunday morning, we were concerned that few would actually turn up for the 10Km relay event designed to race against the Channel Swimmers who would complete the distance solo. However, come they did and we had two teams of 8, two teams of 4 and 2 duos competing against 5 solo swimmers. The results were as follows:

  1. Jill Benbow's Team of 8 = 2h43'50"
  2. Peter Thomas's Team of 4 = 2h49'35"
  3. Amanda Nietske's Team of 8 = 2h49'38" (a sprint finish for 2nd / 3rd place after 10km of head-to-head!)
  4. Scott Jarvis's Team of 2 = 2h51'37"
  5. Chris Foley's Team of 2 = 2h57'34"
  6. Desiree Silva's Team of 4 = 3h05'00"

Well done everyone!

The solo swimmers were as such:

  • Wayne Morris = 2h42'*
  • Mary-Anne Paton = 2h38'*
  • Ceinwen Williams = 2h23'50"
  • Paul Newsome = 2h16'08"
  • Andrew Hunt = 2h47'*

* awaiting official confirmation of Wayne, Mary-Anne and Andrew's times...

OK, thanks everyone - it looks set for another chilly week, but you can always be assured that both the pool and the reception will be warm and welcoming with Swim Smooth Perth! ;-)

Kind regards


Paul Newsome
Head Coach
World Class Coaching in Your Language!
Tel. +61 (0) 431 540 980

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