Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Geoff to swim at 1am GMT Thursday 21st July (8am Perth Time)

Dear Swimmers

We've just had confirmation that Geoff is due to swim the English Channel at 1am GMT (so, 8am Perth time) on Thursday 21st July.

Let's send Geoff our very best wishes for a safe and successful crossing!! Lisa is due to swim about the same time too so I'll keep you all posted on Lisa's swim times too!

Here's Geoff looking over the Channel for France from Dover's white cliffs - they do say that if you can see France from there that it's actually too windy to swim, so don't panic Geoff that you can't see any giant croissants from your viewing platform!

The weather is looking pretty good for his swim:

You'll note that the wind picks up later in the morning, but at a predicted 3mph and 14-18 degrees air temperature, starting at 1am should see Geoff through the bulk of his swim before that kicks in. It does mean however that Geoff'll have a good 4hrs swimming in the complete dark! Luckily, all those eerie mornings down at Matilda Bay this past 3 months will play dividends here!

You can follow the Twitter tweets from Geoff's crew at: and follow his actual real-time GPS route in his boat the Pathfinder:

Bon chance Geoff as they say en francais!


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