Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This weekend, paddling and a 10km Relay Event!

Dear Swimmers

Hope you're having a cracking week. I've been getting some funny looks on the pool deck this week with my granddad socks and sandals - apparently I look every bit the Pom but I just can't bear to get my feet cold on the chilly mornings...and no, I haven't heard of closed-toe shoes! ;-)

OK, so this weekend we have the following things going on:

  • Saturday = 1pm squad swim at Claremont Pool - focusing on open water skills and drafting etc - this is always a top session, so if you can make it down, please do!
  • Sunday = again we're looking for paddlers to assist the Channel swim crew...this week we're planning a little 16km adventure from Mosman Park to the Bell Tower along the Swan River and we would dearly love it if anyone could assist us with some paddling support this week. Time of departure is likely to be ~6.15am - please let me know if you're keen??!!
  • Monday = due to the Public Holiday, the 7am and 9.30am sessions today will be cancelled, we'll resume as normal at Tuesday's 5.30am session.

More Paddling Fun:

On the 26th June the 8 of us who are preparing for our respective Channel Swim attempts will need to complete a 6hr cold water swim in the Swan River to qualify for the event. Shelley Taylor-Smith will be the coach in charge and will help us sign-off on this necessary qualifying step. We are desperately seeking some equally mad paddlers to assist on the day, even if you can't stay for the full 6 hours. It'll probably be cold, it'll probably be gloomy and you can bet your last dollar it'll be very steady and potentially a tad boring for a paddler (I'm not really selling it, am I?!) but it'll be helping us in our quest for raising money for the Breast Cancer Care Foundation through our website www.channeldare.com and any assistance would be massively appreciated. Also, anyone keen to come down and simply offer some moral support (even if its whilst walking the dog), then we'd really love that too! Please let me know if you'd be keen in any capacity. Thanks!

The 10km Relay Challenge at Claremont Pool:

On Sunday 10th July we are proposing to run a 10km relay event where teams of 4 to 8 will complete 100 x 100m efforts in a relay fashion whilst the 8 of us preparing for the Channel event will try and "race" you as we cover the distance solo!! We are looking for 6 teams of 4 to 8 to participate and again help us raise money for Breast Cancer Care. if you're currently searching for a bit of challenge to keep you motivated this winter - this might be it! No need to reply to this one just yet, but details to follow soon! Start getting your teams together now!



P.S one other weird(ish) request is that we're looking for some accommodation (preferably a large house close to Claremont) that can be rented for the nights of 24th September to 8th October (inclusive) and will sleep 4 to 8 people. We're inviting a s select bunch of the coaches that we've worked with in the UK over to Perth in this time frame to do a further 2 weeks work shadowing with us and need to look into accommodation options for them. If anyone has any ideas (even if it's motel / hotel ideas or a house a little way out of Claremont) please let me know. Thanks!

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