Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Will you be this year's Biggest Loser?

Dear Swimmers

Hope you enjoyed this morning's free swim session at Challenge Stadium. It was looking a little grizzly when the 5.30am crew first jumped in, but spirits soon warmed when you all saw the main set! Did you like the format of this morning's 1km Time Trial? I thought the handicapping would offer up a bit of a challenge for every lane and every swimmer - did you find this? I have to make a special commendation to Lane 2 from the 5.30am session - you guys absolutely flew along this morning and I'm sure it won't be long before we see you dip under 16 minutes for a kilometre. Well done!

So, here are the results:

32 people completed the distance in total. Last year we didn't test the 1km time trial until November, so the results I'm comparing you with are essentially winter versus spring / early summer, so it would of course be expected that you'd all be a little off your paces at the moment. Not to worry! The next 10 weeks are going to be focussed on bringing your times down and getting you back into shape - even if you've been out of the pool for a while. We'll re-test on Tuesday 14th September and I've given everyone who swam today a target to aim for on this next swim. Some of those targets will be faster than last summer (if you performed well today and are already close to your best) and some of those targets will be helping you on your way to getting you back on track. I hope this gives you a little impetus for your training. 

I personally hate doing Time Trials, but when you realise that it's only a measure of where you're at now, you can clearly give yourself a goal of where you'd like to be in 10-12 weeks time for example.

Anyway, thanks again for attending - it was good to see all of you down there at the pool today and it wasn't really that bad once you got in the water, was it?!



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