Thursday, April 22, 2010

Follow-up about Claremont & ANZAC Day


Thanks so much to those of you whom have already sent through feedback and session spot requests. If you haven't already done so, you can do that here:

...we've had over 60 returns just this morning, so spaces are filling quickly. Please get your requests in asap.

A couple of pointers then:

  1. I shall write and prepare a few sessions for those of you who wish to keep swimming during the "Transitional Week" from the 3rd to 9th May inclusive so you can keep ticking over.
  2. The "Mini Olympics" have received a really positive reception by you all - now I just need to think up some good events and cool new training sessions to go with them! Remember, this won't engulf the sessions that we do, so for those of you fearing 10 x 100m butterfly sets etc - don't panic...there'll only be 8 x 100m (JOKE!). The idea is more as a chance to learn some fun new skills and to be supplementary to what we normally do.
  3. Still waiting to hear back from Challenge re. an evening swim slot and also perhaps an additional 5.30am session to replace the much loved Wednesday session. If we can't get that, a proposal for some of you (depending upon numbers) will be to work out a system to stay in for 1.5-2hrs in the Tuesday / Thursday sessions, but this really will depend on space. I'll keep you posted of course.
  4. As most of you know, the standard pool entry at Challenge Stadium is currently $5.00. They also offer discounted AquaCards which I believe can bring pool entry down to ~$3.90. I've also put in an enquiry about Challenge Stadium memberships which include "free" access to the gym and associated services which I believe could bring this cost down further for those of you who train regularly and want to pump some iron over winter (like me!). Again, I'll keep you posted. I'd highly encourage you to look at one of our 25 or 50 session PAYG cards as well for saving a few pennies down the line.
  5. For those of you who will be taking a break over winter and whom have been regular over the last few months, please have a great, relaxing time! If you won't be continuing on with us in the next six months, please also let me know (via the form) so that I am not holding any spaces open that don't need to be. Thanks in advance for your support helps to make what's been quite a busy administrative time that little bit easier!!

Its a Public Holiday this coming Monday (ANZAC Day 26/4/10), however, in true TEAM CORE style I'll still be running the 7am and 9.30am sessions down at Claremont, so if you can make it, please pop along...good chance to do some technique work.

Have a great weekend!


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