Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Final Week at Claremont!


Hope you're absolutely loving this glorious weather - its simply first class!

Thanks to everyone who has already got in there early and completed their Winter Squads Feedback form. If you haven't yet done so, please make sure you reserve your spot in the various sessions that we will have available over winter. Remember, it is not compulsory that you attend every session that you nominate for, but it does help me to manage squad sizes and avoid over-crowding. 

If you plan not to swim with us over the winter, please be so kind as to also complete the form so that I'm not holding spaces open for anyone. 

You can check your booking status at:

Remember, we will have no official training sessions after Friday 30th April's 9.30am session until Monday 10th May's 7.00am session. This will be our transitionary period up to Challenge Stadium where we'll commence on the 10th May until the 1st December whilst the Claremont Pool is closed for refurbishments.

For those keen to still attend and keep swimming next week, here are my suggested sessions in order, i.e. the first session = Monday 7.00am, the 2nd session = Monday 9.30am / Tuesday 5.30am / Tuesday 6.30am / Tuesday 6.15pm, the 3rd session = Wednesday 9.30am / Friday 5.30am / Friday 6.30am, the 4th session = Wednesday 5.30am and the 5th session = Saturday 1.00pm. Enjoy:

NB. These five sessions are taken from the 35 session water proof Training Plans that we produce. If you would like a full copy of the program delivered in this super-versatile and user-friendly booklet format, please visit - cost is just $60.00. This particular sample is from the Level 1 Ironman Program and the typical session length is 2400m; for those of you swimming in lane 2 I'd typically recommend adding 3 to 400m to the suggested main set and for those of you in lane 3 please add 6 to 800m to the main set. Hope this helps - the Training Plans really are a great resource for your kit bag and for times when you find yourself swimming alone and in need of some inspiration...the three levels offered typically equate to our three lanes of ability in our squad sessions for your reference.

OK, so here's how our last few days shape up then before the mini "transition" break:

Thursday 29th April = no running session this evening. All HIM athletes are advised to take today as a rest day.

Friday 30th April = all sessions (5.30am, 6.30am & 9.30am) as normal at Claremont Pool. We'll make this a really fun session to wave goodbye to Claremont for the next 6 months, so please try and attend if you can! I would recommend that the HIM athletes either come down for an easy swim, or take the morning off and do a light 45 mins ride in the afternoon followed by a short jog of ~10 mins, preferably once you're down in Busselton.

Saturday 1st May = no bike ride or early morning swim due to the Half Ironman. There will also be no Saturday 1.00pm swim session this week (use the 5th session above if you still want to swim). 

Sunday 2nd May to Sunday 9th May = no official sessions (see notes above).

Monday 10th May = Winter Training Program commences at our new home of Challenge Stadium. Please see for full details!

NB. I am still waiting to hear about the various additional requested swim sessions at Challenge (i.e. evenings and another early morning swim) and will update you all as soon as I hear anything.

So, on that note, may I take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support down at Claremont Pool over the last 2 years...we've had some great times, lots of fun and despite having 12 swim sessions per week, hardly ever a repeated session! That's a lot of sessions and variety and I would like to thank you all for your ideas and inspiration on that front - this feedback is what keeps everyone's spark and love for swimming alive, so long may it continue!!!

Best of luck to everyone competing at the Half Ironman this weekend. I shall post the results out later next week.



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